Open publishing for Poland – details of unique agreement for Open Access

The agreement signed by Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (ICM), University of Warsaw, with Elsevier covers 3,000 prepaid Open Access publications by Polish authors and up to 30 percent discount for all subsequent papers submitted in the Open Access mode. The agreement is part of one of the first Read and Publish deals […]


Big Data in aviation – ICM has developed a global data resource of passenger air travel

ICM has built a comprehensive resource of a global air travel system and developed a state-of-the-art tools for passenger transport optimisation. The Big Data resource contains records of around 3.5 billion passengers handled year-round by every global airline. The GATO system has been created in cooperation with International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) – a United […]

Unprecedented agreement with Elsevier for Polish science

Poland has negotiated unique terms of agreement with Elsevier all over the world. In addition to the standard offer, we have received a license for the publication of 3,000 articles for authors from Poland, as well as full packages of journals from Lancet and Cell groups.   More than 500 Polish scientific institutions have been […]

Supercomputing Frontiers Europe again in Poland

From 11 to 14 March 2019 Warsaw will host a world-class experts in supercomputers – thanks to Supercomputing Frontiers Europe 2019 (SCFE2019). The European edition of the conference, which for five years has been presenting the most innovative largest scale solutions in computational sciences from all over the world, is organised by the Interdisciplinary Centre […]

Success of our students

Students from the University of Warsaw (“Warsaw Team”) successfully took part in Student Cluster Competition at SC18, an international conference for high-performance computing. They incorporated GigaIO’s alpha product, FabreX into their self-designed supercomputing cluster, marking the team’s fourth cluster competition event. GigaIO, Inc., an innovator of datacenter network architecture and connectivity solutions, sponsored the team.

How the United States invests in supercomputing

At the end of October, the US Department of Energy unveiled Sierra – the second leadership-class supercomputer delivered as a result of CORAL collaboration between Lawrence Livermore, Oak Ridge and Argonne national laboratories. Earlier this year, Summit was launched. Both machines are among the most powerful supercomputers on earth – Summit is #1 and Sierra […]

How to speed up DNA analysis using the BLAST algorithm on supercomputers

Genetics is one of the fastest growing fields of science. Knowledge of the DNA code allows for more and more sophisticated applications: from diagnostics of various diseases, through the development of new drugs and methods of treatment to predicting the probability of particular disease. The first analyzes of the human genome made several years ago […]

Ikona wpisu PCJ, czyli jak zoptymalizować obliczenia i analizę danych

PCJ – a new tool for computing and data analytics

The PCJ library has been designed for modern supercomputers but it runs on any system with Java installed. It allows you to create highly scalable computing applications including implementation of Big Data or artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Performance tests show that applications built using PCJ are up to several dozen times faster than their counterparts […] 20th Anniversary, the well-known and popular web service providing numerical forecasts to the general public in Poland, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. From its humble beginnings in 1997 to today’s reach of nearly 2 million unique visitors each month (which amounts to 5 percent of the Polish population) both the team and the service […]

Ministerial grant for Warsaw Team

Five IT students who formed the Warsaw Team under the supervision of Dr. Maciej Cytowski (ICM) have been honoured by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education with a grant for the most excellent student teams. Its aim is to support highly talented students in developing their scientific activity by enabling them to participate in […]