Top Disruptors in Healthcare 2024

During the June AI & MEDTECH CEE conference, a new report titled “Top Disruptors in Healthcare – A Review of Medical Start-ups in Poland and Central Europe” was presented. Both initiatives have been supported by the patronage of ICM UW for four years. This year’s list includes 194 companies, including Smarter Diagnostics – a spin-off from the University of Warsaw, originating from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (ICM UW).

“Over the past five years, the Report has not only documented progress but also played an active role in the development of these companies by supporting valuable partnerships and creating an ecosystem conducive to innovation. This year’s edition features 170 outstanding Polish medical startups and 24 startups from the CEE region. The goal of the Report is not only to showcase innovations but also to provide valuable data to support informed decision-making in the healthcare sector. I see our Report as a source of inspiration and a tool for actively supporting innovative medical startups,” says Karolina Kornowska, the main author of the Report and project manager of the AI in Health Coalition and the Polish Hospital Federation.

The Top Disruptors in Healthcare Report is published jointly by the Polish Hospital Federation, the wZdrowiu expert team, and the AI in Health Coalition, of which ICM UW has been a Principal Member since 2021.

The aim of the Report is to support the innovation ecosystem in healthcare, including fostering effective collaboration between startups and other entities. This is achieved by identifying the most promising startups in the Polish and European healthcare market, obtaining key information about these entities, and presenting this information in a structured and coherent manner to potential recipients.

The report is available at: