Smarter Diagnostics Entrepreneur of the Year at the University of Warsaw

Emerging from ICM University of Warsaw, Smarter Diagnostics has been chosen as the Entrepreneur of the Year UW 2023 in the Start-up of the Year category. “Our dream is for our vision of using AI in imaging diagnostics to succeed in the market. We want to achieve success, stop being a start-up, and operate as a thriving company. We want our idea to spread worldwide,” comments Bartosz Borucki.

4eu+ Against Cancer – Summer School is back on July 2

Translational and clinical research in oncology, basics of cancer treatments, bioinformatics, computational biology and drug development will be the main topics of the 2nd edition of 4eu+ Summer School. This time we are happy to invite you to Czech Republic (Marianske Lazne) between 2-5 July 2023.

Spring School “Structured Population Models’’

Registration is open until 30 March for the spring school ”Structured Population Models”, a joint ICM-MIM initiative under the IDUB programme entitled PDEs in Mathematical Biology. On 15-19 May, we invite graduate students and postdocs interested in the application of models in demography, cell biology, immunology and ecology to Warsaw; special attention will be paid to the analysis in the setting of Radon measures over an abstract metric space.

Our scientist among the 2% of most cited authors in the world

Late last year, researchers led by John Ioannidis from Stanford University released an updated database of the world’s most cited authors, based on the author’s “c” index and Elsevier’s bibliometric data. Among approx. 60 scientists from the University of Warsaw, both lists included a representative of the ICM – Dr. Miron Kursa, classified in the […]

ICM at the 2022 EASA Annual Safety Conference

“Airport Safety & Environmental Sustainability through Innovation” were the main focus point of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) conference held in Prague in recent days. Dr. Jan Malawko, an Aviation Scientist at ICM University of Warsaw took part in the panel dedicated to Smart Airport Safety Solutions.

ICM has yet again participated in the creation of Scinet network

Two network engineers from ICM University of Warsaw – Bartosz Drogosiewicz and Jarosław Skomiał, have been working with the Routing group in the SCinet network and again took part in building the network during the Supercomputing 2022 (SC22) conference which has just ended in Dallas. Thanks to the involvement of ICM employees, the University of Warsaw for the second time in the row gained the formal status of a supplier of network solutions (Bronze Contributor) at the most important HPC event of the year.

Tendon injuries? Artificial intelligence comes to the rescue

Smarter Diagnostics, a startup from the ICM University of Warsaw, has developed an effective tool for analyzing magnetic resonance images of the lower limb. Their solution SmarterAchillesMRI uses artificial intelligence to dramatically speed up the diagnosis of Achilles tendon and provide injury prevention. The potential of Smarter Diagnostics has been recognized by Aligo VC and Sunfish Partners, which invested PLN 2.2 million.

“Airport Capacity Imbalance Problem” by Dr. Jan Malawko at the AGIFORS

Airline Group of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (AGIFORS) 62nd Annual Symposium is hosted by Air France KLM Group and Airbus in Toulouse, France, on September 12 –15 this year. Appearing in the technical program Dr. Malawko currently leads the most advanced aviation projects at the ICM, University of Warsaw, including the join ICAO-ICM development of Global Air Transport Analytics.

“4EU + Against Cancer” Summer School: Introduction to Molecular and Clinical Oncology

In July, the University of Warsaw hosted the “4EU + Against Cancer” summer school for students and researchers and the main focus was on clinical and preclinical research in the field of molecular and clinical oncology. The event is part of the 4EU + Alliance: Urban Health and Demographic Change flagship program, coordinated by Dr. Catherine Suski-Grabowski from ICM University of Warsaw.