Big Data Analysis Centre

Constructed in 2015, ICM Technology Centre, helps fullfill our mission: to understand data and provide innovative solutions within the areas of science, economy and management. Our cutting-edge datacentre provides for optimal utilization of existing infrastructure with room for future expansion.

Centrum Technologii ICM

Computing and Analysis Infrastructure

ICM Technology Centre employs next generation computers to:

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Visualization Lab

Data stored in Centre of Technology is analyzed in a cutting edge visualization lab. We employ an 8K resolution video wall, which enables users to find complex relationships within the data. The screens are powered by a high performance graphics controller with direct access to the data.

Security and Performance

Centre of Technology building was constructed to meet the strictest security standards, further equipped with a high-tech, eco-friendly, energy saving power supply system and fire-fighting systems. Network Operations Centre monitors all crucial systems and services around the clock. Strict security procedures and employee access protocols are implemented within the facility.

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ICM Technology Centre Promotional Materials

Information Booklet – downloadable in PDF format. :

Thumbnail ICM Technology Centre booklet

Booklet “ICM Technology Centre. Understanding Data” (ENG)


The project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund

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