Big Data Analysis Centre

Constructed in 2015, ICM Technology Centre, helps fullfill our mission: to understand data and provide innovative solutions within the areas of science, economy and management. Our cutting-edge datacentre provides for optimal utilization of existing infrastructure with room for future expansion.

Centrum Technologii ICM

Computing and Analysis Infrastructure

ICM Technology Centre employs next generation computers to:

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Visualization Lab

Data stored in Centre of Technology is analyzed in a cutting edge visualization lab. We employ an 8K resolution video wall, which enables users to find complex relationships within the data. The screens are powered by a high performance graphics controller with direct access to the data.

Security and Performance

Centre of Technology building was constructed to meet the strictest security standards, further equipped with a high-tech, eco-friendly, energy saving power supply system and fire-fighting systems. Network Operations Centre monitors all crucial systems and services around the clock. Strict security procedures and employee access protocols are implemented within the facility.

ICM Technology Centre Promotional Materials

Information Booklet – downloadable in PDF format. :

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Booklet “ICM Technology Centre. Understanding Data” (ENG)


The project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund