MGARD: Hierarchical Compression of Scientific Data

Virtual ICM Seminar with Ben Whitney | February 18, 2021 | 16.00 CET


Research on zoonoses, Epidemiological Model for Poland, Ineractive Pandemic Map

XXI Session of High Performance Computing at ICM

The High Performance Computing Operations Review meeting | 2-3 February 2021


Watch recordings of the Virtual ICM Seminars in Computer and Computational Science


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EmTech Asia | Marek Michalewicz "InfiniCortex: A Supercomputer that encompasses the world"

SC20 | Piotr Bala: A Masters Degree Course in Computational Engineering at ICM

Facing epidemiological risk in the age of Anthropocene by Aneta Afelt

Virtual ICM Seminars: Computational Developmental Biology

Advancing research at ICM

Virtual ICM Seminar with Stephen Wolfram

Supercomputer Frontiers Europe 2020 Day-3

Supercomputer Frontiers Europe 2020 Day-2

Supercomputer Frontiers Europe 2020 Day-1

Dr. Marek Michalewicz at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC 2019)

ICM Technology Center

Air Transport Connectivity (ICAO i ICM UW)

ICM in the media

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