MOSAIC project at MediLabSecure Global Meeting in Paris

Dr. Aneta Afelt spoke at the MediLabSecure global conference in a roundtable dedicated to the impact of the One Health concept on national health strategy. The meeting, held at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, focused on regional and multisectoral collaboration to improve global health.

In her talk, Dr. Afelt highlighted the relationship between climate change and epidemiological risk in relation to the MOSAIC project, which has been implemented by an international team of researchers with IT support from ICM UW since early 2024 – in terms of building an open data infrastructure and a FAIR-compliant platform. [View: Polish scientists participate in planetary health research project]

The conference, entitled “Regional and Multisectoral Cooperation in Action: Tackling Emerging Infectious Diseases Impacted by Climate Change in the Mediterranean Region,” was held on the first day of the MediLabSecure Global Meeting (June 11-13) – the event was organized on the tenth anniversary since the establishment of the project of the same name. The main organizer of the global meetings is the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

The roundtable panel – “How a collaborative regional One Health project can successfully impact national health strategy?” – participated:

  • Dr. Aneta Afelt, IRD (ICM UW)
  • Dr. Benoit Miribel, One Sustainable Health Foundation
  • Dr. Lusine Paronyan, WHO Armenia
  • Dr. Benjamin Roche, IRD
  • Dr. Wim Van der Poel, Wageningen University

See the full agenda for June 11

Photo: MediLabSecure / One Sustainable Health for All Foundation (Dr. Aneta Afelt fourth from the right) 

MOSAIC (Multi-site application of Open Science in the creAtion of healthy environments Involving local Communities) – focuses on open, multimodal, and replicable information ecosystems supporting cross-border communities. MOSAIC secured funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe framework program: Environment and health – Planetary health (HORIZON-HLTH-2023-ENVHLTH-02-01). The task is being carried out by an international consortium of 15 institutions led by the French institute IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement). The role of ICM UW is to prepare data infrastructure and software for stakeholders. The leader of the Polish MOSAIC team is Dr. Aneta Afelt (assistant professor at ICM UW, member of Espace-DEV research group affiliated with IRD).

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