ICM conducts valuable R&D projects by applying artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine

ICM prowadzi wartościowe projekty B+R w zastosowaniach sztucznej inteligencji (AI) w medycynie

“ICM has been creating, prototyping and verifying AI algorithms in medicine for several years now. We have joint the AI ​​in Healthcare Coalition to facilitate the access to the computing infrastructure, which we are intensively developing, to all interested institutions and companies. We are currently working on the implementation of several applications developed at the Institute of Systems Biology in Tokyo, such as Garuda or Taxila, which, combined with access to the enormous and complete literature resources offered by the Virtual Science Library, along with new ICM network and cloud services, will completely change the perspective of fast counting, machine learning and access to infrastructure and data in Poland”- says Marek Michalewicz, Director of Interdisciplinary Center for Mathematical and Computational Modeling (ICM), University of Warsaw.


ICM joins the AI ​​in Healthcare Coalition and takes patronage over the “Top Disruptors in Healthcare 2021” report – the latest review of the med-tech sector in Poland. The premiere of the publication presenting the achievements of 115 medical startups takes place today (June 8) during the “AI in Health” conference. The event is organized by the Polish Hospital Federation, in cooperation with the British Embassy, ​​Wroclaw Medical University and the AI ​​in Healthcare Coalition. The conference is held under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Health, the National Center for Research and Development, the Patient Ombudsman and the patronage of the ICM University of Warsaw.

“We are witnessing technological changes in the field of AI, which have a transformative impact on health care system, the development of scientific research and patient care. AI is the future of the medical sector, as evidenced by the increasing use of artificial intelligence in medical solutions. According to the data collected in the Top Disruptors in Healthcare 2021 report, almost 50% of startups operate in the AI ​​area. This is a significant increase compared to the last year’s edition of the report, in which less than 30% of startups declared their activity in the AI area. This indicates a rapid increase in the use of artificial intelligence in innovative solutions offered on the market, which in the future will contribute to the dynamic development of the healthcare sector”- says Ligia Kornowska, Managing Director of the Polish Federation of Hospitals, President of Young Medicine Managers and leader of the AI ​​Coalition in Health.

Among the medical start-ups shown in the publication, is Smarter Diagnostics, an University of Warsaw’s corporate spin-off, which uses AI algorithms in sports medicine for smarter Achilles MRI. ICM’s employees from the Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis Team in Medical Diagnostics are the authors of this world’s first automatic evaluation of the Achilles tendon which uses magnetic resonance imaging with the help of deep neural networks (DNN). They are also the founders of this startup.

The method of automatic evaluation of the Achilles tendon – Smarter Achilles MRI – is the result of the project “START: Innovative methods of tissue engineering supporting the healing and regeneration of tendons and ligaments” co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development under the STRATEGMED I program.


The activities and achievements of ICM in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are based on the synergy of data, storage systems, software platforms [recent cooperation with SBI] and computing. The combination of these components, supported by relevant competences, allows to effectively build AI solutions for the research and medical services sector and many other fields. The main areas of AI and ML applications in ICM are currently: image analysis, medical imaging, motion diagnostics and motion tracking, biology, genomics and bioinformatics, as well as networks, law, weather and climate, physics and aviation.

“Having interdisciplinary substantive knowledge, experience and adequate components of data resources, software and hardware, we have the unique opportunity to expand AI and to create a generic, complementary and detailed offer. The competences of ICM’s teams dealing with the subject of artificial intelligence are found in the substantive layer of application and domain research, as well as in the technical layer – tools and infrastructure”- summarizes Bartosz Borucki, Head of the Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis Team in Medical Diagnostics at ICM.


ICM’s activities include several dozen projects in the field of biological and medical sciences. In addition to research and development, ICM in cooperation with the Institute of Mother and Child, conducts the Omics Data Science course – Bioinformatics and Analysis of Large-Scale Biomedical Data. In addition to teaching, the OMICS project aims to build a new community of scientists, doctors and medical technicians who will be proficient in the new computational techniques and data analysis in the modern fields of systems biology, medicine and genetics. The program prepares participants to face specific OMICS issues in the context of medical genetics.


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