Warsaw Team results after SCC in Denver [details and gallery]

ICM UW SCC Denver2019 Warsaw Team

2nd place in Interview, 3rd in Linpack, 7th in final standings and high places in applications.


Student Cluster Competition final at the Supercomputing Conference in Denver was the third contest (after ASC in China and ISC in Germany) on the Warsaw Team 2019 Route. Special thanks to our sponsors: Intel, Lenovo, Nvidia, Madu, Tech Data.


Be sure to see: Warsaw Team Final Architecture Proposal for SCC 2019


Here are the selected detailed results(*) of the Student Cluster Competition in Denver held during the SC19. The final competition was attended by 16 teams (selected from 30 applicants) from around the world: mostly USA, China, Singapore and only 4 from Europe (Switzerland, Estonia/Latvia, Germany and Poland).

Warsaw Team was represented by Tomasz Cheda, Łukasz Kondraciuk, Iwona Kotlarska, Aleksandra Księżny, Marek Masiak (University of Warsaw) and Dominik Psujek (Technical University of Warsaw)


Don’t miss: Warsaw Team strategy for SCC https://www.studentclustercompetition.us/2019/Teams/WarsawTeam/WarsawTeam.LightningTalk.pdf


The team for the all three 2019 contests was led by Marcin Semeniuk and Maciej Szpindler from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, University of Warsaw.



The Interview

INTERVIEW Normalized Points
Tsinghua University 94.00%
Warsaw Team 86.00%
Nanyang Technological University 85.33%
University of Washington 85.33%
North Carolina State University 84.67%
Average 79.04%
Median 79.66%


The Benchmarks

Nanyang Technological University 51.74
University of Washington 41.78
Warsaw Team 40.43
Average 31.63
Median 34.93


The Applications

VPIC (simulation for modeling kinetic plasmas) App/Interview
National Tsing Hua University 95%
Warsaw Team 95%
Tsinghua University 92.50%
ETH Zurich 87.50%
Average 76.09%
Median 82.50%


SST (computer system designs simulation) App/Interview
National Tsing Hua University 99%
Tsinghua University 98%
Nanyang Technological University 98%
Shanghai Jiao Tong 97%
Warsaw Team 93%
Average 67.50%
Median 74.50%


The Final Standings

Final Standings % Points Earned
Tsinghua University 94.85%
National Tsing Hua University 88.81%
University of Washington 86.60%
Nanyang Technological University 86.05%
ETH Zurich 81.72%
Shanghai Jiao Tong 80.81%
Warsaw Team 80.73%


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