Supercomputing19 in Denver with active presence of ICM – University of Warsaw (Poland)

#SC19 WARSAW TEAM ICM University of Warsaw

ICM-A*CRC-Zettar data communication production trial, ICAO GATO (Global Air Transport Optimisation), AI in biomedical imaging and generic visualization platform (VisNow) are the core of ICM’s presence on SC19 in Denver  (The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis, 17-22.11.2019)


ICM also comes to support his Warsaw Team during Student Cluster Competition finals and cordially invites you to the Supercomputing Frontiers Europe in March 2020 (Warsaw, Poland) – early bird registration and call for papers is now open.


Final in Denver is the seventh consecutive SCC competition in which Polish students compete, while training hard and broadening team line-up continuously since December 2016. In three years Warsaw Team took part in seven SCC finals, earning several awards:

– in 2017: ASC17, China (2nd place in High Performance Linpack category) and SC17, USA (White Hat Award);

– in 2018: ISC18, Germany (4th place in Deep Learning – Tensor Flow); and SC18, USA;

– in 2019: ASC19, China; ISC19, Germany (3rd place in STREAM benchmark and 5th place in CP2K application); and SC19, USA.

According to July 2019 HPC-AI Advisory Council ranking, Warsaw Team (University of Warsaw) is classified 5th in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and 14th in the world, after participating in only six world finals in supercomputing.


Supercomputer Frontiers Europe 2020 will be the sixth edition of the annual conference which run in Singapore in 2015-2017 and subsequently in 2018-2019 in Warsaw, Poland. Tentatively the main topics at this edition will be quantum computing, connectome, optical computing, computation studies of brain, neuromorphic computing and microbiome.

“Each year we focus on somewhat different topics, but we always focus on ideas that are most innovative, ingenious and have potential to change the course of supercomputing. We also highlight research domains that might present the greatest potential of becoming the leading applications of supercomputers in the future”, says Dr. Marek Michalewicz, director of ICM, the initiator and founder of the Supercomputer Frontiers.

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