Maintenance and software development laboratory in ICM is a team of professional programmers and testers, with high practical experience in building and maintaining complex server applications.
Sections have worked out a methodology developed to create applications based on the latest trends, allowing effectively combine modern developed in the ICM algorithmic solutions with high quality of the final products.

Features of the development team

  1. Full development team – includes developers, front-end developers, specialists in database testers. This allows for a comprehensive software development.
  2. Extensive experience – the team has experience in projects of different scales (European, national), including projects for the government (Polish National Bibliography), the European Commission (OpenAIRE). The team creates products of commercial quality.
  3. Main area – implementation of applications in the area of ​​primarily the database associated with word processing, but not only. In particular: Virtual Library (Yadda, Infona, EuDML) systems, CRIS (PBN) Processing judgments (SAOS).
  4. Technology enterprise – the basic technology for the created software is Java Enterprise that provides scalability, portability and stability created solutions. The team has extensive experience in the work with databases such as SQL and NoSQL.
  5. BigData – in cooperation with the section data analysis team has experience in the integration of applications such BigData developed technology Hadoop and Spark solutions production.
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