Laboratory of Visual Analysis is the research and development group in the area of visualization and image analysis, embracing research, software development, infrastructure and applications. The major fields of interest cover scientific visualization and medical image analysis. With over 20 years of experience the visualization group can provide expertise in wide areas of scientific visualization, information visualization, visual data analysis and exploration. Research and projects implemented within the visualization group include basic and applied studies on each visualization pipeline level, starting from data acquisition and formats, through data processing, extraction, mapping, up to rendering and presentation, including methodology, algorithms and applications. Visualization workflows, work distribution and remote processing, as well as large scale visualization and large data visualization are the major topics. Our experience and studies are also targeted at human-computer interactions, both on the layer of hardware (e.g. haptic manipulators, touchless steering) and multidimensional user interfaces design. On the applied side we’ve implemented many interdisciplinary collaborations including data analysis and visualization in such fields as geospatial information, numerical weather forecasting, climate, airline operations, medicine, biosciences, computational fluid dynamics, molecular dynamics or cosmology. Computer assisted medicine, significantly radiology, is one of the most strategic areas with applications from medical imaging and image analysis, through 3D modelling, up to simulations. Development of own processing and visualization software tools involves libraries, applications and services.

Main assets:

  • VisNow – a visualization platform for visual analysis and data processing in scientific visualization and analytics. The software designed and developed from scratch at ICM UW is an open source generic modular and data-flow driven framework implemented in Java. Available
  • Visualization infrastructure – HPC platforms, remote visualization systems, graphics workstations, large scale visualization environment (LCD video wall), haptic, touch and touchless interface devices.
  • Significant record of implemented R&D projects.

Main competence areas:

  • Visualization
  • Visual data analysis
  • Visual modelling
  • Large-scale and large data visualization
  • Information visualization
  • Visualization software
  • Visualization infrastructures
  • Image analysis
  • Image processing
  • Image understanding
  • Computer vision
  • Multidimensional human-computer interfaces
  • Medical imaging
  • Computer assisted radiology (CAR)
  • Computer assisted surgery (CAS)
  • Computer assisted diagnosis (CAD)

Strategic goals and areas:

  • Popularization of VisNow as visualization platform, dedicated tool creation and rapid prototyping environment, including building an open community.
  • Domain applications of visualization and image analysis, including physics, engineering, chemistry, biosciences and medicine.
  • Collaboration on R&D projects with industrial, scientific and clinical institutions.
  • Large scale visualization for HPC applications and big data analytics.
  • Embracing and combining scientific visualization, information visualization and interactive visual analytics.
  • Computer assisted medicine, radiology, medical imaging and medical modelling.

Contact with VisLab: lp.ude.mcinull@ikcurob.b