The main field of expertise of the team is optimization & development of applications and algorithms for massively parallel and accelerated High Performance Computing (HPC) systems. Our competences cover many areas of computational science including atmospheric modelling, mathematical biology, astrophysics, cosmology as well as computational physics and bioinformatics. In the past we have been using our programming and modelling skills in a range of scientific projects related to various HPC platforms including vector machines (Cray X1e), x86_64 clusters, massively parallel systems (IBM Blue Gene/P, IBM Blue Gene/Q, Cray XC40) as well as hybrid systems based on various accelerators (IBM Cell, GP-GPU, Intel Xeon Phi).

Our team is also responsible for HPC user support, management of large scale computational grants as well as operation of countrywide software licenses. s part of ICM’s mission of a national supercomputing facility we support a group of more than 1000 researchers which use our computing infrastructure in their scientific projects. In the past we have been also involved in software optimization on the largest European HPC systems within the PRACE project.

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