Applied Data Analysis Lab (ADA Lab) is a research group at ICM, University of Warsaw. Our two main areas of interest are: business intelligence and data-intensive research on scholarly communication. We have participated in a number of national and European research projects on text and data analysis.

ADA Lab offers data science skills and interdisciplinary experience to partners from public and private sector. Using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, Hadoop or Spark (when data size requires them), and CRISP-DM methodology, we transform clients’ data into insight. Thanks to tight collaboration with ICM’s software engineering team, we deliver high quality software products tailored to our clients’ needs.

ADA Lab’s research aims at building a comprehensive set of free, open source, machine-friendly solutions for scholarly communication. We use available data and metadata to map the academic world: identify people, organizations, research artifacts (i.e. documents, data sets, source code), projects, funding sources, and relations between them. Our text mining expertise resulted in award-winning solutions for extracting machine-readable information from unstructured documents.

For more information, visit ADA Lab’s website.

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